We have blazed many trails globally.

Our proprietary NEOQUiTT technology made in Germany help us achieve many firsts worldwide. And now, we are sharing the knowledge and experience we have accumulated since 2005 with all spiritual and physical healthcare professionals through direct and online training programs completely free of charge...

Almanya'da bize özel olarak üretilen NEOQİTT VE QUİTT teknolojileri ile Dünya çapında ilklere imza attık.

NEOClinics resonance technologies

Türkiye'de 2005'ten bu yana kullanılan NEOSANTE tecrübesi, Alman teknolojisiyle buluşarak yeni bir kulvara girmiştir.

First used in Germany in the 1970s, bioresonance has evolved with technology over time. The NEOSANTE experience that started to build up in Turkey in 2005, and new technologies created in Germany based on this experience brought bioresonance to a whole new era.

Devices for professionals.

We offer the world's most sophisticated and unrivalled bioresonance technologies. We have got you covered with different types of devices for physicians, psychologists and dietitians, and 17 years of experience that leads the bioresonance technology.

Doktorlar, psikologlar ve diyetisyenler için sunduğumuz farklı tipte cihazlarla tüm profesyonellerin yanındayız.

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NEOClinics Resonance Technologies

World's most powerful bioresonance devices

  • NEOQUiTT: Advanced technology made in Germany meets NEOSANTE experience.
  • Made in Germany exclusively for NEOClinics. Available at NEOClinics and NEOWellness clinics in Turkey and around the world.
  • The world's most sophisticated and easy-to-use resonance technologies, and far more effective than former bioresonance systems.
  • We have a vast knowledge sharing network encompassing the clinics operating across Turkey as well as Eruope.


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Who we are

NEOSANTE - NEOClinics - NEOWellness

NEOSANTE was founded by Dr. Ersal S. Işık as one of the first clinics to use bioresonance in Turkey in 2005. NEOSANTE has helped more than 17,000 people give up smoking since 2005. About 500,000 people across Turkey have used our bioresonance protocols to give up smoking and alcohol. We have also helped tens of thousands of stop eating foods that they are virtually addicted to. NEOSANTE directed them to a permanent state of wellness that would not be possible by any other means in only a few sessions.

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    Training, symposiums, congresses

    Etkinlik takvimimiz

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    17-18-19 June 2022 Holistic Medical Technician - Basic Certificate Program

    25-26 June 2022 1st Autism Congress

    23-25 September 2022 2nd International Congress of Medical Nutrition and Gaps

    How to Start?

    As the pioneer of resonance therapies in Turkey, Neosante serves nationwide with the brand NEOClinics...

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